Calligraphy Connection is founded in 2016 by Xiangfeng, a Singapore-based western calligrapher known for her delicate script and flourishing techniques in traditional and modern calligraphy styles. With calligraphy, beautiful letters are made and soul is injected to words — we hope that more people will come to love and to appreciate a once dwindling art in our modern society. 

Calligraphy Connection has taught several groups and individuals, as well as created commissioned art for clients over the years. We have provided services for the following companies/ brands:

The Prime Minister’s Office, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, SMU, MSF, PUB, Singapore Book Council, Origins*Scape, Forlino, Changi Cove, Jessicacindy, Capitol Singapore, and the Singapore Press Holdings.

You can also find me and view more of my works on social media: