Attended the Traditional Western Calligraphy course conducted by Ms XiangFeng, Shoko in March 2023.
With Ms Shoko’s patience & guidance, I was able to understand the differences between Traditional Western Calligraphy-to modern calligraphy. With Shoko’s skilful hand, it was so wonderful to watch how each stroke and letter flowed, so beautifully connected & structured too.
— Grace, 12 April 2023
Instructor was patient and encouraging. Enjoyed the lessons even though we had only 2 lessons. She had covered as much as possible. She is willing to share her knowledge with us.
— JT, 30 March 2023
It’s amazing what we can learn from a DEDICATED calligraphy teacher in just 2 lessons! I have a much better understanding of the requirements of the art and where I need to work harder to master the craft. Xiangfeng is very friendly, approachable and METICULOUS as a teacher, most willing to share her knowledge so that students overcome their challenges with the pen and achieve a level of progress by the end of the course. I highly recommend her course and can’t wait for her next course on flourishes and embellishments!
— Jillien, 26 July 2022
Just completed 2 lessons. Ms XiangFeng Shoko teaching is excellent! I have a good understanding of Western Calligraphy now. Hope I will practise and apply the new skill in art journals.
— Jaslyn, 25 July 2022
Had a class on the traditional copperplate calligraphy with Xiangfeng and enjoyed it very much. The session was very well curated. She is a wonderful teacher, very patient and friendly. Her guidance and her style of teaching exceeded my expectations! I would highly recommend Xiangfeng. I am so looking forward to start the Flourish and Embellish session with her soon!
— Alice, 7 October 2021
I have been wanting to attend Xiangfeng’s basic calligraphy workshop for a long time since I chanced upon her beautiful calligraphy artwork online and finally, I attended it this month. I have learned a lot during the 3.5 hours workshop. Thank Xiangfeng for her patience and generous in departing her knowledge. The process was enjoying to me. I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone who have interest in learning calligraphy.
— ML, 23 September 2021
Had the basic western calligraphy session with Xiangfeng in early May.. It was indeed a great start to learning the principles and technique of calligraphy; before going all fancy with modern/watercolor calligraphy. The pace of the class was just right. The class was kept small and intimate. Environment was very comfortable – totally suits the calmity and grace of the craft/art. To me; it was a relaxing and fun learning activity.. It was even more therapeutic and mesmerising to watch her do her craft as she demonstrates the correct strokes. All materials were provided and we even had a set of tools and ink to bring home for more practice; which was perfect and fuss-free. Calligraphy is such a beautiful craft that requires patience and time to master. Thank you Xiangfeng for such a wonderful experience! Looking forward to joining your Advance class next!
— Kendra, 11 August 2021
I took this class with several uncertainties, worrying about my handwriting but with the willingness to learn this art. When I met Xiang Feng on the day of the class and entered her place, there was so much charm and warmth to it. I knew at once that I have made the right choice to learn traditional calligraphy here. Ms. Xiang Feng had made personalised calligraphy kit for us and kept it on the desk. I was very happy to receive the kit with my name engraved. The class started with our brief introductions which made us be at ease and feel connected during the session. Ms. Xiang Feng introduced us to Copperplate approach of traditional calligraphy. She explained the important aspects of it- from the use of ink to nib to holding the pen right. I was impressed with the technique of using pressure and right angle. She would see everyone’s work and give inputs on how we can attain consistency in calligraphic writing. She made us realize that our usual hand writing doesn’t matter and we can achieve good calligraphic skills with focus and practice. We had a special book provided to us where we could practice the alphabets individually and connected. I felt blessed to have spent my time there while learning this art. I would highly recommend the calligraphy class with Ms. Xiang Feng. 
— Akash, 29 May 2021
Attended Xiangfeng’s class Introduction to Calligraphy in May 2021. Well curated and tastefully organised, her class emphasizes on proper technique and fundamentals of strokes for Copperplate script. Duration is just right and ambience is conducive. Xiangfeng also adopts a personal approach to coaching and guiding students and provides helpful feedback and tips during and even after the workshop. For anyone looking to dip their feet into pen calligraphy and don’t quite know where to start, or what tools to use, this is a good workshop to consider.
— Jeremy, 17 May 2021
Thank you very much for the workshop last Saturday, I really love it! You created a very pleasant and relaxing environment for us to focus and enjoy your class, and I appreciate that you gave attention to each and every one of us to provide guidance and suggestions on what we can improve. Definitely I am interested to join the Flourish and Embellish workshop, I will keep a lookout for your post and will sign up when I feel I am ready for it 🙂
— Pinky, 11 May 2021
My sis and I attended Xiang Feng’s calligraphy class in May. Xiang Feng is so patient and her practice sheets are very useful for beginners like us! We are so glad that we managed to start writing and connecting all beautiful letters into words.
— Audrey, 24 July 2019
I love Calligraphy Connection! Xiang Feng is really a talented and passionate artist. She calligraphed my wedding vows and it exceeded my expectations! She is also friendly to talk to. Can contact her if you are looking for personalized gift. I am also following her beautiful works here: www.instagram.com/calliconnection_ 
— Sarah, 10 October 2018
Her skill is beyond what we can imagine. I remember i asked her design my wedding poster, because i totally have no idea what design i want. What i want is to look nice and presentable, i only give her 1 bible verse, and she can design it. I am amazed by the wedding poster she design. I highly recommend to other.
— Stephanie, 10 October 2018