Introduction to Western Calligraphy

This workshop is for complete beginners and will provide everything one needs to get started with Western pointed pen calligraphy in the Copperplate script. Learning the very basics of this classic, traditional hand allows one to be equipped with the necessary skills to explore something more freestyle — commonly known as modern calligraphy.

Course layout:

In this workshop, we will start with some theory. You will be introduced to the different types of Western calligraphy styles, followed by a detailed explanation of the different tools and materials we will use, and the related terms to get started. We will cover the basic strokes, how to form letters, and how to connect those letters to form words. While this course dwells into lowercase letters, you will also be given an introduction to the basic strokes needed to form your uppercase letters, as well as an exemplar to practise them. Towards the end of the session, tips will be shared on how you can explore more elaborate styles in the form of flourishing, and how you can spice things up and add colour to your work.

You will receive a calligraphy kit that includes:

a dual function oblique/straight penholder | 2 flexible nibs | a pot of walnut ink | curated course book | a personalised pen roll | alphabet exemplar | practice sheets | a tote bag
Is this modern calligraphy? 
– Copperplate is a form of traditional calligraphy, in which proper rules, structures, and letterforms will be taught. Having these knowledge and skills under your belt allows one to explore one’s own style or perhaps try something bouncy or fancier, which is commonly known as modern calligraphy. The same rules can also be applied to other tools like brush calligraphy.
– Will I learn how to do flourishes in this course?
Flourishing will be covered in the intermediate course, which focuses on capital letters and flourishing.
Where is the workshop held at?
– I hold my workshops at my own home studio. It is a space that is very personal to me, and I promise it will be a cosy and clean environment for your creative journey to take place. It is a 2 min walk from NEL Hougang MRT station (Singapore).
How big is a class?
– After several sessions of varied class sizes, the comfortable size of a class that I find most ideal is 5 pax. It is not a big space, and I want to make sure that enough personal attention is given to every participant, while making the session as intimate and fun as possible. With that in mind, I will keep the class size to a maximum of 5-6.
Do I need prior experience to join?
– As this workshop is curated for complete beginners, no prior experience is required. However, if you have had some experience with brush / modern calligraphy, this workshop may be able to give you a different kind of experience and skill set for your calligraphy pursuit.
How do I register and confirm a place?
– When a workshop is scheduled, a registration page will be made available. After you fill up the registration form on that page, an email will be sent to you with the workshop and payment details. A place will be confirmed once payment is made and verified.
Do I need to bring anything for the workshop?
– As all materials will be provided, including a tote bag to carry them back after the class, you do not need to bring anything. However, you may bring a pencil or pen for your own note taking.
May I organise a session with a group?
– Yes, you may. If you have a group of at least 3 members, you may schedule a private session, subject to my availability. Please email me to coordinate this.
Will there be a follow-up class for intermediate and advanced learners?
– Yes, there will be one coming soon. 🙂
If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me.
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